Write for Rights

Every year a group of us get together to "Write For Rights" . 

This is an Amnesty International campaign where we write messages of support to people around the world who have suffered injustice, and also write letters to people in power to support their campaigns for justice.

This year we have sent 25 cards or messages of support and 25 campaigning letters on behalf of women human rights defenders around the world who have been attacked, jailed, harassed or killed for standing up for their rights, including:

  • Atena Daemi, jailed for speaking out against the death penalty in Iran;

  • Geraldine Chacón, a 24-year-old law graduate from Venezuela who is on conditional release from detention and banned from leaving her country because of her work educating young at-risk people about their human rights;

  • Marielle Franco, a councillor from Rio de Janeiro killed for her work defending marginalised people in the city.

We have also sent Christmas greetings through Open Doors to Christians who are persecuted for their beliefs and prevented from freely practising their faith.

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