The Baptist Union Environment Network

 BUENThe Baptist Union Environment Network - “BUEN”, meaning good in Spanish – aims to inspire churches and regional associations to grow in valuing creation and join God in environmental mission and taking action to care for creation and people. 

BUEN is building a network of environmental partners across Baptist Regional Association life who can journey alongside churches to able them to declare with God in worship, life, and action that “creation is good” (Gen 1v25). 
 And it will encourage churches, associations, and national bodies to take steps towards being carbon neutral by 2035.’

BUEN officially launches on 6 September. 

Join a webinar on 2 September exploring why as Christians we should be concerned about climate change and what Baptist churches can do collectively to reflect the gospel in their approach to the environment. 

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from the "Baptist Times", 26/08/2020


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