Bread making at Cafe Church

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The Wednesday Study group led the morning service on 7th February on the theme of “Jesus the Bread of Life”.

They had been studying bread in the Bible, along with its ingredients - and here is the breadmaking lesson from the start of the service.

The story of Jesus feeding the 5000 led to an exploration of how God meets our physical needs for food and what Jesus meant when he said “I am the bread”.  Inspired by the poem below*, we also wondered what Jesus had learnt about bread from his mother.

During the service everybody had a chance to mix bread dough and knead it, and we could then take our dough home to bake.

The after service refreshments included freshly baked bread with jam and cheese.

You can find the recording of the service here.


*Mary bakes bread

There was never an end to the baking,
never an end to the pounding of wheat,
the sifting of flour,
mixing of leaven,
the kneading, the proving, the rising, the baking.

My hands were never still.
My hands were always working.
My hands prayed the flour, felt stillness in their moving.
God's hands in my hands, working.

There was never an end to the hunger,
Always mouths to feed,
bodies to fill,
stories to sift,
desires of spirit and flesh to assuage.

My hands were never still.
My hands were endlessly lifting the bread from the enormous oven,
letting the fragrance carry in the early morning air,
placing the loaves to cool,
breaking them, still warm,
to be passed among hungry men and children.

There was never an end to the hunger.
God was hungry for justice and the land's freedom,
for the lifting of the people's burden.
My hands couldn't stop working,
kneading the bread,
to ease the hunger of God.

My hands prayed the hunger,
God's hands in my hands,
working, working.

© Nicola Slee,  The Book of Mary, SPCK 2007
Reproduced by permission

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