Journeys of Hope and Imagination

For many refugees and asylum seekers, the journey they have been on has been one of hope. Hope for change, hope for refuge, hope to be reunited with those they love.

Members of ASHA which supports refugees and asylum seekers in Stoke-on-Trent have bein imagining all sorts of things to make a better world and have produced an inspiring and uplifting video called "Imagine".

Take action

This Refugee Week, the churches' Joint Public issues team highlights some refugees' stories. At a time when it can be difficult to hold onto hope for the future, what do we have to learn from those who have journeyed across the world to seek safety?

"I look at the UK as a place of hope and a safe haven as it has provided me with safety,
the education I have always dreamed of, and a roof over my head."

As we find out about the difficult situations faced by refugees and asylum seekers,
we are called on to take action.

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