Climate: 'For us, this is an issue of justice'

 Climate: 'For us, this is an issue of justice'

Christians have been urged to be a prophetic voice in their communities and embody an alternative model of lifestyle in the wake of climate warnings from the world’s leading scientists.

The Baptist Times reports:     Link to Baptist Times article

The UN International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said recently that time is running out to keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5ºC above pre-industrial levels.
The world is off track, heading towards 3ºC, noted its report released on Monday (8 October). Radical changes to our energy systems, transportation and how we manage land are needed otherwise the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people will be a reality. Limiting global warming to 1.5ºC compared to 2ºC 'could go hand in hand with ensuring a more sustainable and equitable society,' it continued. 
Baptist minister the Revd Dr John Weaver, chair of the John Ray Initiative, which connects environment, science and Christianity, said the latest report shows 'no one can pretend any more that they don't know about the reality of climate change and the risk it presents for people throughout the world.'
He said major changes in our lifestyles are needed, and encouraged Christians, guided by faith, to lead the way.


What can we do?

The Churches' Joint Public Issues Team recommends this site with ideas for how we can make changes to our lifestyle.

9 ways to be kind to the planet -



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