Day of Prayer 2018

We came in through the the worship Gazebo expressing  the Living Water flowing through broken pots of clay. God can use us in our brokenness .


The back drop speaks of God's beautiful creation.

The main focus of the worship tent was the empty Cross of the Risen Christ; there was a candle signifying Jesus Christ, the light of the world; the Bible, the inspired word of God;
The bread and the wine, emblems of Jesus sacrifice for each and every person on the planet.




Displays included our mission work locally, in the wider UK, and with partners overseas.

We were reminded of

  • Partner missionaries Annie & Dan Dupree, and children Charis, Isaac and Amaya 
    In Tirana, ALBANIA; Ashleigh Gibb in Thailand alongside Nightline which helps trafficked women to escape.

  • Groups we link with: Open doors, Cry in the Dark, Geoff Beckinhams Street Ministry,  Prison Fellowship.

  • Supporting Children in our Community and beyond -
    - Urban Saints, Sunday School,
    - School Assemblies, listening to children
    read, playing with the youngest children,
    Open the Book Christian education.

  • - Tots & Co., Angel Tree (gifts for Offenders' children), Sanctus, Stoke on Trent
    - The children we sponsor financially through Compassion: Raha, Sidoine,Therese,Felipe, Mega and William..

  • Our regular activities:
    - Music Groups' ministry, Pastoral Care, All Age Services

    - BAP, Knit & Natter, Ladies Fellowship,
    - House Groups, Wednesday Study Group.
    - Tuesday and Saturday Prayer Meetings,
    and more!


A well as the variety of prayer stations and displays, there were times of spoken intercessory prayer, and opportunities for people to reflect while colouring.

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