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From despair to hope
On Easter Day the cross was transformed by flowers symbolising the hope in Jesus. And we heard of the women expecting death and finding new life.
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A journey that changed the world
The story of Easter told through drama and music in Sandbach Town centre on Easter Saturday.
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Christ Knows
A poetic and prayerful response to Brexit uncertainty
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Living Lent
A climate change challenge
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A brilliant 2018 for Teams4U
details of successful Teams4U aid projects
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"Rethink approach to immigration"
Ahead of MPs returning to Parliament (Monday, 7 January) faith representatives urged the government to rethink their approach to immigration, to move away from a hostile environment towards a culture of sanctuary
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Christmas Angels
And so the knitters have knitted for another Christmas filled with the sound of the heavenly host singing.
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The gifts that go on giving!
Our Sunday school children choose gifts to send to other children across the world
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Keeping Spiritually Fit
The weekly email update from the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) features our partner missionary Ashleigh Gibb, writing about keeping spiritually fit.
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Write for Rights
Supporting human rights victims across the world.
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